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Marketing report about the research of shopping centers of Ukraine

2008-03-20 22:16:57

socmart-fotoLast 3 years Ukraine is stably included in five of leaders on an investment attractiveness for international investors in obedience to research of world consulting firm A. T. Kearney «Index of world development of retail business» (in 2005 Ukraine took 3 seat, in a 2006 - 4 place, in a 2007 - 5 place) From data of report, Ukraine is among «spades markets» for investors.

The market of the real estate and trade of Ukraine quickly develops and ready to the modern methods of trade. From data A. T. Kearney, demand on the dwelling and commercial real estate in Ukraine exceeds supply approximately in four times and the stable advance goes accordingly price. In 2006 in Ukraine growth of retail commodity turnover of all types of commodities attained the level 25%. Growth of production volumes on the Ukrainian enterprises stipulated growth of volumes of retail business.  From other side, growth of retail business was a speed-up by the splash of activity and increase of profits of users.


If a few years ago investors paid attention, above all things, on a capital Ukraine, now all the greater level of interest is caused by cities with the population from a 700-800 thousand man.


It is caused by both general regional reasons and specific of every separate city. Objective reasons (general regional):


1. In the regional centers of Ukraine, as compared to a capital, more low prime price of building, and necessity in auction areas  not less (and in separate regions and anymore).


2. Substantial distinctions are observed in the volume of investments. If in regions, after the rare exception, is built small five thousandth cities, in a capital the shopping centers size hesitates within the limits of 12-40 thousand M. Thus regional investors are inclined to plan more high level of profitableness of projects, than in Kiev and it is at times done in harm to quality and longevity of format. Therefore recoupment of auction complexes in regions usually makes 3,5-4 years, while in a capital - 4,5-6 years.


3. Possibility is quick and for a less money to get an attractive area under building.


Subjective reasons depend on a city. If to speak about Odessa and Lvov is this and advantageous geographical position (by investors these settlements is examined as trans-shipment terminals and transporting knots), and large tourist potential. That is dignities of that Lvov and Donetsk, that these cities accepting of forthcoming EURO-2012, and planned considerable financial inflowings in a transporting infrastructure real estate (although above all things in a hotel, but, because all more of building projects carry multifunction character, an auction constituent is one of desirable).  It is possible to mark a few features of market of the auction real estate of the studied cities (Lvov, Zaporozhia, Donetsk, Odessa) there is no saturation of market of auction areas in all these towns. Another important moment - practically complete absence of modern shopping centers, and complete absence is large format shopping centers ( by an area more than 40-50000 square meters.).


By a difference from the capital market of shopping centers, in opinion of the analytical department U.K Managers that comes forward, that in Kiev the presence of 2 basic types is characteristic representatives - supermarket and entertaining constituent. And in studied towns a 2 type of representatives - supermarket (if to speak about operating objects, and about many declared ones), meets only in Donetsk and Odessa


Unfortunately, now in Lvov it is heavy to find the real Shopping centers which answer this concept fully


In Zaporozhia now function just 6 shopping centers. By 2012 year, if all declared projects will be realized, the general area of shopping centers will grow almost in 10 times


Odessa. The market of professional shopping centers while is only in the stage of origin


Coming above enumerated from it is possible to understand, that the investment attractiveness of the Ukrainian market real estate will grow next years.




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