Shopping centers of Kyiv what can we expect in 2009?

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Shopping centers of KyivThe crisis events which have touched all spheres of the society life could not avoid the market of trading real estate of Kyiv. In the first half of 2008 the trading segment was developing but in the second term of the quarter the tendency gradually changed to the opposite one. We can confidently forecast that commencement of erection of most shopping and shopping-recreational centers, which are now in early stages of realization (concept development, project development), will be postponed for 1-2 years. But in 2009 we will not experience a dramatic drop of new supply in the market of TC and TRC of the capital. A significant part of the trading centers of Kyiv putting into operation of which has been postponed from 2008 to this year (for example TRC Rainbow, TRC Domoshere, MFK MegaCity, TC Araks, etc) are in the last stages of construction or in finishing stages). According to Socmart, if in 2008 in Kyiv only 6 trading centers were put into operation (or 88,800 sq. m of trading area, 1 project was a next stage of an existing TRC), then in 2009 it is expected 10 TCs and TRCs to be opened (or 260,000 sq. m of trading area, 2 projects are the first or the next stages of a TC).

This year such projects have been put into operation:




Total area

Quantity of lessees

Kvadrat in Perova bulvar

36 Bulvar Perova





15-a Moskovsky prospect




Materyk in Osokorky

10 Dniprovska naberezhna





34 Moskovsky prospect





1 Prospect Myru




Karavan, 4th stage

9-11 Luhova street



total 178 (all TRC)


According to Socmart, 10 trading and trading-recreational centers are expected to be put into operation in 2009. There is a probability as well that TC in Balzaka Street, TRC Kvadrat in Myloslavska Street, MFK Continental will have been completed this year. The next gypermarket Metro is going to be open in the intersection of Saburova and Zakrevskoho Streets. There are 38 projects with a significant trading part, which are under construction, in the capital. 23 among them (or 60%) can be referred to a concept of a trading or trading-recreational center.


In 2009 such projects are planned to be put into operation:





Total area


Mega City





Dream Town



167 000


Domosphere, 1st stage

Specialized TC


129 000 First stage - 30500, Second 98500 sq..


C in Malyshka Street





Arax (New Ton)

Specialized TC




Sky Mall, 2nd stage





C in Verbova Street






Specialized TC


39 800


RC Rainbow





C in Drahomanova Street





The description of some TC and TRC which are planned to be opened soon:

 RC Rainbow (variants of its name: RC Pacific Plaza, RC armelad)

An investor of the trading-recreational center in Syvashska Street  is N-M Company. The total area of the complex is 22800 sq.. The infrastructure of TRC is going to include a grocery supermarket, an electronics supermarket, a restaurant, a children supermarket, a playground, fast foods, bank machines. Anchors: a supermarket of seafood and fish products, a food court, a grocery supermarket and a supermarket of household appliances and electronics. The complex also include office areas. Detailed area structure: 1st unit: autonomous offices - 2500 sq.; 2nd unit 1st and 2nd floors a grocery supermarket - 3000 sq.; 2nd unit 3rd floor a restaurant - 1000 sq.; 3rd unit 1st floor a trading zone (footwear shops, clothes shops, sport clothes shops, a leather small wares shop and other), and 2nd floor a supermarket of electronics and household appliances - 2500 sq.; 3rd unit 3rd floor a food court - 1000 sq.; 4th unit 1st floor a trading zone (footwear shops, clothes shops, sport clothes shops, leather small wares shops and other) and 2nd floor a trading zone a supermarket of electronics and household appliances - 2600 sq.; 4th unit 3rd floor recreational zone - 1000 sq.; 5th unit the central entrance, 1st floor a trading zone (boutiques), and 2nd floor a trading zone - 2800 sq.; 6th unit 1st floor a trading zone (clothes), and 2nd floor a trading zone (footwear) - 2600 sq.; 7th unit 1st floor a trading zone (clothes), and 2nd floor children goods - 2300 sq.; 8th unit: offices - 19 rooms - 1470 sq..



It is situated in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka. The total area is 39800 sq.. The opening of the specialized TC of furniture and design is supposed to be in spring of 2009. Detailed area structur: 1st level an underground/basement floor exercise machines; SPA equipment, Textile goods, bed clothes; household appliances; floor coverings; a cafe. The total area of the first level is 12 300 sq.. , 2nd level the first floor a flower shop, a decorative flowers shop, an accessories shop, a presents shop; a furniture shop, fireplaces; a youth furniture shop; a cabinet furniture shop, a cushioned furniture shop, an ffice furniture shop;  torches and lamps, chandeliers, curtains, a textile shop, a crockery shop, a kitchen ware shop; a snack bar. The total area of the second level is 11 200 sq.. 3rd level the second floor  a design studio; furniture for children rooms; kitchens, dining rooms; bedrooms, beddings; elite furniture; furniture for country houses; interior stairs and fireplaces; mirrors, stained glass windows; decorative ceilings and finishing materials; wallpapers, textile for walls; torches, lamps, chandeliers; a cafe; a restaurant. The total area of the 3rd level is 11 200 sq. .


RC Dreamtown

The complex is situated in Obolonsky prospekt. The trading-recreational center consists of two units: unit 1 is situated between underground stations Obolon and Minska, unit 2 is situated between underground stationsMinska and Geroyiv Dnipra. The total area of the TRC - 167000 sq., the leasable area is - 89854 sq.. Store areas occupy 23443 sq.. Two multi-level car parks have been provided: one is at the underground station Obolon connected to unit 1 at the level of the second floor of the trading-recreational center, the second is at underground station Geroyiv Dnipra connected to unit 2 at the level of the first floor of the complex. A parking zone is going to be organized along Obolonsky prospect  and next to underground station Minska. The total quantity of car places is 3433. In the project of the complex iofiices have been planned too, namely a business center of B class. Every part of the trading-recreational center has its thematic trend. Detailed area structure. Unit 1: at the first two levels there are shops and department stores of clothes, footwear, accessories. At the third level are going to be: a rink, a curling, a bowling, a children recreational center, a cinema, a food court, lot of restaurants with summer grounds and a café as well. At the second level next to underground station Obolon there is going to be a grocery supermarket. Besides trading areas and public catering establishments service renters are planned too: beauty salons, a dry cleaners, a bank department and so on. Unit 2: furniture and household goods (cushioned and cabinet furniture, sanitary porcelain, electronics and household appliances, torches, wallpapers, carpets, etc). In the unit visitors will be able to find goods for outdoor activities and sports, also goods for children. Unit 2 includes as well a hypermarket situated from the side of underground station Geroyiv Dnipra which is going to be connected to the main building of Unit 2 by a roofed passage. The second, third and fourth levels of the hypermarket building are going to be a parking.


C Domosphere

The total area of the complex (including car parks) is 182 000 sq.., the trading center is almost 130000 sq.. The area of the lot is 12,77 ha. There is also a car park with the area of 55,6 thousand sq. , designed for 3 270 cars. An office part have been planned in the complex. An investor of the amplitudinous trading-office center in the intersection of Stolychne Shose and Zabolotnoho Street is De Vision Development Company. Specialization of the TC Domosphere is household goods (furniture, floor coverings, textile, household appliances and electronics), ceramic ware, sanitary porcelain, instruments, Building and finishing materials (DIY), basic goods (a hypermarket). The first stage of the specialized trading center is supposed to be put into operation in April of  2009. Final putting into operation of the complex has been planned in the second quarter of 2010. The complex is going to be in a commercial district format. It is going to include a trading center (90 thousand sq. ) and an office center (44,5 thousand. sq. ). The trading part consists of 3 pavilions with area of 30000 sq.. Detailed area structure. Unit 1 is a style center: stylish and modish goods for home and family of the premium class, complete package of services, a design studio; unit 2 is a building hypermarket: building and finishing materials, instruments, goods for gardening; unit 3 is a modish center: a hypermarket of grocery and basic goods, boutiques of clothes, footwear, presents and accessories, leather accessories, sports goods, goods for children, a restaurant patio. There is going to be a B class business center with area of 43700 sq. m in the fourth unit.


According to Socmart databases on commercial constructions and projects, 17 hotels, 60 business centers, 38 trading complexes are being constructed in Kyiv for the time of February of  2009. Residential houses and complexes are being constructed too altogether equal to more than  213 projects.

The author: socMart

The information on functioning TC and TRC of Kyiv

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