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Construction of housing Kiev in the modern world: statistics, public assistance programs

2010-01-25 13:16:19 Construction of housing KievThe situation in the housing market. During the first 9 months of this year in Ukraine was commissioned 2.2 million square meters. m. residential real estate. Of these, about 20% of square meters were built in the Ukrainian capital - Kiev
Ukraine operates 50 thousand construction companies, as well as 11 thousand construction companies. The construction industry operates 800 thousand people and about 100 thousand of them were dismissed from the beginning of the crisis.

No significant signs of improvementthe market situation of housing under construction was observed. In this and forthcoming articles by specialists of "Sotsmart" to discuss the latest trends and prospects for residential real estate in Kiev

In the past year in the capital was put into operation1200 thousand housing. The plan for this year, in connection with the crisis, demoted - about 700 thousand square meters. hours will be put into operation in Kiev in 2009. The first 9 months of 2009. in the capital was put into operation 418 thousand square meters. pm (or 4216 apartments).

This is lessthan 60% of the planned number of houses put into operation this year, so plan 700tys. square. meters can not be executed for the remaining 3 months. The average area of apartments in new buildings - 100kv. m. According to the bases of a construction of residential buildings and complexesin Kiev and suburbs, under construction now, more than 220 objects (information in November 2009. Company Sotsmart)

Government programs to help people during the construction and purchase of apartments in Kiev. Gos. program to help buildin crisis was yet to purchase apartments in different areas of Ukraine, but Kiev. Companies that residential facilities were built, more than 70%, participated in the auction. The maximum price at which bought a square meter, was4200grn. (Why Kiev and yet spared, not one developer would not agree to a price to sell housing in the capital.)

Been extended to all other regions of Ukraine, and purchased on the state. means more 5000kvartir. This said DmitryIsaenko Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine, the National Forum on "Public-private partnership in construction to overcome the economic crisis", which was held October 28 in Kyiv (specialists "Sotsmart"visited on this forum). The organizers of the forum were Trade and Industry Chamber of Ukraine, Association "Ukrainian Union of manufacturers of building materials and products and the company Meeting Point Ukraine.

In the month of October in Kiev at the stageconstruction of 61 house, with a total area of 1600 thousand square meters. m, where built more than 70%. But since the Government has set the bar just 4200grn. the purchase of square feet in an unfinished housing (Program of State aid in the construction areato the crisis), not an apartment in Kiev was not purchased through this program.

In Kiev, gradually introduce the program of reconstruction and demolition of old housing and new construction. In view of the crisis, while the program has touched only the streetsPopudrenko Chervonotkatska. It was built three new homes (25000kv. m) and evacuated 400 families. Currently under construction for two new houses on the site demolished. Recall that according to experts of company "Sotsmart" program for reconstructionand demolition of obsolete housing stock and construction of new homes in the future should include the Khrushchev era in the street. Shcherbakova, Grechko, Chokolivka, etc.

By waiting assistance program works on the principle of 60% to 40% or 70% to 30% (ie 30% or 40%of the apartment cost compensates for the state). This program offers a newly built apartment in a residential neighborhood in Desnianskyi area. Results in line for improving housing conditions in the capital worth 120 thousand families, and of these only 895families (or 0.7% of the total waiting list) were flat this year.

Program youth crediting this year does not work (because banks do not issue such loans)



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